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We all do the best we can. Life brings us all challenges and it’s up to us how we handle them. I find that for me it’s all about setting goals and having reasonable expectations to diminish any disappointments. I try to set realistic goals for myself. My life is hectic and my schedule not always predictable, but many moms know that. Still, it is important for me not to completely lose what makes me me while doing for these growing humans.

In the last few years, I have crossed a bridge from knitter to designer. It has been rewarding and stimulating and I know I want to do more and be better at it. I also know that my day job as Queen of the House and Ruler of the Nest is numero uno. I have settled on doing small and well for now. That is why I take immense pride in my sweater design Intemporelle Pullover, designed for WEBS’ 40th Anniversary Celebration.

The sweater fits my style both in terms of fashion and as a knitter. I am pretty sure that there are others for whom it will work as well too. I was thrilled to see Intemporelle featured in the newest Valley Yarns Catalog from WEBS.

20140617-221517-80117127.jpgI am working to finish the sleeves on mine and can’t wait to wear it!


I may have one more major design in the pipeline and will be happy with  progress on my design goals. …So keep on the lookout for more.

In the meantime, it’s my birthday and I think I will host a pattern sale in honor of the day. Afterall, I can do whatever I want on my birthday! Pop over to Ravelry and grab all patterns at 20% off for the next week. (excludes Intemporelle since it is a WEBS pattern, but you can still get the pattern and yarn here) Use the coupon code BIRTHDAYPARTY.

Eat Cake!!


Slow and Steady

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…Wins the race. Thanks to Dixie, while my knitting time and production have diminished slightly, there is fun stuff to share and report.  The best and newest discovery is that she really really REALLY doesn’t like this stuff…Bitter Apple spray. … Continue reading


Just in TIme for Spring

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Well this was really the winter that wasn’t.  Two storms served as bookends for the months of winter and I officially declared this the strangest winter ever to my kids.  It was kind of a blessing though, since we were … Continue reading


Meet the Brookfield Cowl

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Rock House Reservation, West Brookfield MA Living in New England, Fall is a highlight.  The beauty of the trees softens the blow of the impending chill that follows it.  While the temperatures are definitely cooling, the sun can still warm … Continue reading


I am a Knitter

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I am a Knitter, with a capital K.  Because of this, there are certain things that excite me, like new yarn and needles and projects. I hit the trifecta here! New yarn, Miss Babs Northumbria Aran in Luna Granite, for … Continue reading

Fall is in the Air

The kids have gone back to school.

The humidity is subsiding.

The morning walks require a little fleece.

And the WEBS  America’s Yarn Store Fall catalog is here!  Isn’t the cover pretty?  I think I need to knit some mittens.

Bring on the knitting!  New yarns, new colors and, oh… look on page 49 on the right…it’s my Marrowstone Shawl!

Excited to share Marrowstone and see it in even more Charlemont and Charlemont Kettle Dye colors!

I really like this yarn and love all the colors.  Try it, I think you’ll like it!

Thanks Kathy for your support!


Blowing Bubbles

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I thought I would share a few of the fun photos I took for my new Bubblicious Socks pattern. My youngest just couldn’t wait to play with all the bubble toys.  We tried them all!         My … Continue reading


Bubblicious Socks

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Life is about fun and what’s more fun than blowing bubbles?  With 4 kids, I’ve blown a lot of bubbles in my days.  Have you ever blown bubbles until you were dizzy?  Well, this pattern reminded me of those tiny … Continue reading

Bicoastal Sock Summit Excitement

I may not be going to Sock Summit 2011 in person but that doesn’t mean I can’t get excited too!

First off, congrats to Tina and Stephanie and Stephen and Debbi and all the others working so hard on the second coming of Sock Summit.   I also know how much the vendors and teachers have been preparing for next week’s festivities.  Good luck to all.

For my part, I decided to release a new pattern just in time for Sock Summit.  You guessed it…a sock pattern…

Here’s a sneak peak…

In the Marketplace, grab a skein of Blue Moon Socks That Rock Lightweight or Spirit Trails Frija, or Miss Babs Yummy,or Valley Yarns (WEBS) Charlemont, or Plucky Knitter, or Kollage Sockalicious, or Knitted Wit Superwash Merino, or Fleur de Fiber Arden, or Sanguine Gryphon Bugga…

You’ll need markers for these socks, so if you are at Sock Summit, go see Laura and she’ll hook you up!  She has some great new markers!

I am also happy to say that Miss Babs (Booths 822 and 824) and Knitted Wit (Booth 725) will have some of my patterns.  Also, check out WEBS’s (Booths 502, 504, 506, 508) great assortment of Valley Yarns Charlemont that I fell in love with knitting my Marrowstone Shawl.

If you are heading to Sock Summit, get packing!

Have a great weekend and

check back Monday to celebrate Sock Summit Week!

Knit on!

The Cotuit Sands Collection

I knew when I came out with the Cotuit Sands Scarf design, knit flat, that I wanted to have a companion pattern to go with it that was knit in the round.  The Cotuit Sands Cowl is just that.  I like to think of these 2 patterns as cousins.

Favorite views from the waters off Cotuit, MA.

I love that these 2 pieces are not only casual and functional but quick knits in either a worsted or sport weight yarn.  (I am all about being to knit on the go these days.)  I picture the Cotuit Sands Cowl as a perfect accessory  for a cool summer evening or a crisp fall tailgate.

Cotuit Sands Cowl  

There are 2 versions: a cowl (knit in worsted weight yarn) and an infinity (knit in sportwieght yarn).  I chose the Kollage Yarns recycled denim yarn for both as the Riveting Worsted and Riveting provide just the right amount of warmth without being too hot.  The recycled denim yarn really adds to the casual feel of the accessories.

Pattern:   The pattern is charted and easily memorizable.   This 9 stitch repeat creates a nice scalloped edge once blocked.

Yardage:  One skein of Riveting Worsted and Riveting will do.  If you are substituting another yarn, you will need 160 yards  of worsted and 300 yards of sportweight.

Needle: Cowl: US size 8 ( 5.0 mm) 16 inch circular needle. Infinity: US size 6 (4.00 mm) 24 inch circular needle.

Finished Measurements:  Width: 8 (6) inches. Circumference: Cowl: 22 inches; Infinity: 48 inches.

Since I believe these cousin patterns go together, I will be offering a discount on the 2 patterns combined as the Cotuit Sands Collection.

Purchase the Cotuit Sands Collection (which includes Cotuit Sands Scarf and the Cotuit Sands Cowl , a 4 pattern collection) for only $10.

Happy Summer!