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Something Finished, Something New

It will be a week of rain here in my neck of the woods.  I promise not to bog you down with my dreary days so if you stay around until the end of the post, you can see what a good day looks like.

Quality indoor photos of a finished pair of socks! (add sarcasm)  I started these on the way to Sock Camp in March and am wearing them for the first time today (cuz it’s rainy and cold…hullo… May, where are you?!)

Yarn: Blue Moon FIber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight

in the lovely Rabia colorway

Pattern: Northampton Beat Socks (yes, mine!)  (full details here on Ravelry)

Since I published Marrowstone last week (thank you for all the nice comments and lovin), I have been readying the next design.  Here it is!

Believe me when I say wet blocking is a miracle tool in a knitter’s arsenal.  I am putting the finishing touches on the pattern of this summer scarf and it is almost ready for a test drive.  Any takers?  Email me if you’d like more info…

And now for the beauty shot of the day:

I only wish you could smell these lilacs.  Despite the rain and mist, these are the highlight of my daily walk. And they may live on my table now too!

Hope you have a great week, rain or no rain!


Spring Bloomed

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Now that it is May and my Spring Blooms Mystery Sock Knit Along is half way over, I see no harm in showing you the socks finally! I had a blast doing the Mystery KAL.  It was fun releasing the pattern … Continue reading

The Socks of Sock Camp

Well, Sock Camp actually produced socks for me this year!  Time for show ‘n tell!

1.  Northampton Beat Sock

This was a fun knit, not only because it is my pattern and the yarn is awesome, but also because it was a mini-kal!  I cast-on mine on the way to the airport, Leslie picked her stalled socks up and made serious progress despite breaking ALL of her needles, Celia knit and finished one, Angela (with her fancy new yarn) showed up at camp with hers on the needles, and Laura (she gifted all campers  her beautiful stitch markers! She’s like that.) showed up WEARING a finished pair!

2. Vanilla Dragon Socks

My homework attempt was lame at best.  Although I didn’t knit a dragon, I did knit socks for a dragon.  They appear misshapen but it is the dragon feet which are the source of the odd shaping :-). They doubled as rocking good dancing shoes.

3. Free Sole Sock

This is my wee sock knit in Anna Zilboorg’s (wish she had a real website that would give you the true flavor of who and how amazing she is!) afternoon sock workshop.  It is a great technique starting at the toe with a band and worked up the instep.  Stitches are picked up and knit together at each edge of the sole.  The heel turn and flap follow with the leg on top.  Can’t wait to make a person size pair!  The great thing is you can easily use to make multicolored socks.

4. Darned Sock

This is Leslie’s Leyburn Sock.  (Ironically in the same color as Celia’s sock above.) It had a large blowout at the heel turn.  I took it to my darning class with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and voila.  No more hole.  Leslie, Steph and I were wondering if the match had a hole too?  Seriously, only one sock?  And by the way…be more careful with your socks next time, huh?! ;-)

5.  Spring Blooms Mystery Sock

I released this free pattern as part of the Solid Socks group Mystery Sock KAL over on Ravelry on April 1st.  Here’s a picture of Clue 1.  I am thrilled to see so many people have downloaded and cast-on! (over 500 and 49 to date, respectively)  The next clue will be released on Friday.  Join in if you like!

Yarny pictures from camp later this week but right now, I have a second sock to start!!!

Knit on! Honeybadgers love knitting!


Socks, With Love

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Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan.  Life throws us curveballs.  I got one this week and decided to make lemonade.  It’s my self-declared Valentine’s Week. In honor of Valentine’s Week, I present Socks, With Love.  These were originally … Continue reading



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I have always thought that life was a journey and each decision you make takes you along a path whose end you might not know.  Like steppingstones through a garden.  Some decisions are filled with risk and some with adventure. … Continue reading


I Feel a New Trend

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C O L O R W O R K . When I started to knit I jumped right into colorwork.  Icelandic wool sweaters to be exact.  I have fallen for it all over again with these mittens.  I started a … Continue reading


Like Potato Chips

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 I am not sure if it’s the bolero or the baby inside that make this so cute.  I feel an urge.  I may have to make more than one of these uber-cute baby boleros! And, here’s a sneak peak at … Continue reading


The Glass is Half Full…

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That’s how I like to look at things. So despite the fact that I got sidetracked by phone envy for a week, my research is done and my new phone is in hand. It’s the Spring Moment and for the … Continue reading



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My girlfriend was kind enough to loan me her two year old son today.  She dropped him off wearing this cuter-than-cute Thomas sweater she had made for her first son, eight (?) years ago.    He was perfect and entertained … Continue reading


Finishing up a few things

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Today, I finished my first 2010 project!  Why this sock lingered for 2 months is a mystery.  (Christmas knits have a little to do with that I am sure.) I love these socks!  All cable-y and soft! Pattern: Uncle Frank … Continue reading