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Wait, Summer, Come Back!

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I can’t believe it has been a month since my last post but summer just seems to be buzzing past! I have been zipping the kids all around and we even fit some family time in.  Here’s a quick picture … Continue reading


Just keep swimming

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Like Dory of Finding Nemo fame says “Just keep swimming swimming swimming”. That’s what our summer is…at least one swim a day for hours and hours. At least if I am not swimming too, I have my socks to knit!

Summer is Here!

I was extremely busy with the kids at the end of the school year. Now the summertime schedule is in full swing…pools being the main attraction. Need some mindless knitting so I am finishing up a new sock design and my Aubrey vest. No updated pictures yet.

The most fun news is about my friend Pat’s vacation…in Alaska! This is Ingrid. She was just combed yesterday and Pat’s bringing back fiber for us to play with!