Counting…up and down

This has been a week of counting.  The kids counted down the days till Christmas and now are looking forward to counting up to 10, 2010 that is.  Radio stations are counting down the top 500 songs of the decade. 

And some of us are counting up UFOs, un-finished objects, lingering in the knitting basket.  As part of this effort, bff Nathania has organized a UFO smackdown.  (modeled after the ever-so-successful-coast-to-coast-monthly-exercise smackdown, huh, Irishgirlieknits! wahoo!) As you can see below, I am in desparate need of finishing-cheeleading!  I think I see 6 7 UFOs.  Still may find more…

That’s a pile of 2-year-old sweater pieces, a sock and a half, a shawl, 2 half scarves, a collarless but seamed vest, and a cowl. 

And to add to the pile of UFOs, I will be celebrating the New Year’s Eve blue moon in Blue Moon style!  I plan to cast on Harmonia’s Ring Cowl in Twisted Muddy Autumn Rainbow! (One of my favorite yarns, btw!)

Happy Blue Moon New Year’s Eve to you and your families!

Wishing you happiness and health in 2010!

Time saver and time maker

I prefer to knit (and now spin).  It is a fact sometimes mentioned (ok, frequently) by my kids.

So, in the name of making extra time for knitting, I like easy dinners.  Those I can make and watch cook while knitting (while standing as Cat Bordhi encourages!)

Last night was no exception.  My kids like pasta and I try to change it up.  As I was making the sauce for the pasta, the twins were delighted and so was I.  

It is simple and healthy but don’t tell my husband or kids! 


2 cans diced stewed tomatoes (plain or flavored)

 fresh baby spinach (the more the better in my book, 9 oz pkg?)

1 can of white beans (cannellini, but all I had last night was red kidney)

crumbled feta cheese to taste


Simmer the tomatoes, knit.

Add the spinach and knit more.

When wilted, add the beans.

Simmer and knit then add feta.

Serve over pasta of choice, or eat it plain if you are like me!

Then, knit some more…

It’s like magic!

So, I got this braid of All Spun Up alpaca silk (70/30) 4.2 oz.    The natural colors captured me.

I have been trying to experiment with different fibers as I learn how to spin.  This was my first time spinning alpaca.  The long fibers of the alpaca and silk made it really easy to draft.

After it was spun for singles, it looked like this.  Ok, pretty, just ok though.

But once it was plied…wow! I REALLY like it! The shades of brown, from greenish to orange-y and pale to rich, playing off the blue, from silvery to navy, absolutely delights me!

My first 3-ply and I would call it a 250+  yd success!  Still need to measure wpi but I put it somewhere in the sport to worsted family.

Thinking it needs to drape around my neck…with it’s lustrous sheen and warm colors…

What do you think?  Suggestions?