Time saver and time maker

I prefer to knit (and now spin).  It is a fact sometimes mentioned (ok, frequently) by my kids.

So, in the name of making extra time for knitting, I like easy dinners.  Those I can make and watch cook while knitting (while standing as Cat Bordhi encourages!)

Last night was no exception.  My kids like pasta and I try to change it up.  As I was making the sauce for the pasta, the twins were delighted and so was I.  

It is simple and healthy but don’t tell my husband or kids! 


2 cans diced stewed tomatoes (plain or flavored)

 fresh baby spinach (the more the better in my book, 9 oz pkg?)

1 can of white beans (cannellini, but all I had last night was red kidney)

crumbled feta cheese to taste


Simmer the tomatoes, knit.

Add the spinach and knit more.

When wilted, add the beans.

Simmer and knit then add feta.

Serve over pasta of choice, or eat it plain if you are like me!

Then, knit some more…


3 thoughts on “Time saver and time maker

  1. I make something very similar but I also add dried chilli peppers. We like things hot.

    I forgot our pasta sauce the other day as I was so engrossed with knitting and suddenly realized I could smell burning, they all proclaimed it the best sauce yet.

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