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Busy Weekends

Today was one of those days…we knew they were coming with four kids.  Four kids with four different places to be.  A friend took one to a birthday party.  The grandparents took another to a college basketball game.  That left 2 others for the parents. 

I was off to a basketball game with dd1.  An exciting game where she scored a point, her second of the season, and continued her awesome defense.

DH got the longer day at a gymnastics meet a few hours away.  The gymnast before the meet…

…and after…

It’s all worth it if at the end of the weekend you end up with smiles like these!  By the way, that’s a first place medal on beam and second on bars! I am so proud! (DH said she was so nervous before the meet she was shaking. What a recovery!)

And, I fell in love with some yarn and patterns over the weekend.  The Rocking Sock Club 2010 has begun!  Love this “Happy Go Lucky” color! Can’t wait to knit me some bobbles!

What did you do this weekend?

While I wait…

It’s time for the waiting game.  Apparently the first sock kits for the 2010 Rockin Sock Club are hitting the streets!

Tina gave us this wonderful song as our 2010 theme and I can’t get the song or the kit out of my head!  All I can think about is what time the mail will arrive!

But in my techonoligical advanced state since I got my new phone, I feel obliged to share my other new favorite discovery.

Check out Pandora radio. You put a song or artist in and a cool collection of songs , commercial free, keep you busy!  While you wait!  Spinning.  Knitting.  Or stalking.

 Maybe you are more savvy than me and have been a fan for a while.   If so, why didn’t you tell me?


The Glass is Half Full…

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That’s how I like to look at things. So despite the fact that I got sidetracked by phone envy for a week, my research is done and my new phone is in hand. It’s the Spring Moment and for the … Continue reading

It’s Chilly Out There!!!

Is your snowman properly dressed??  Even snowmen get cold!

(click to embiggen)

How many scarves does a snowman need anyways? hehe


Oh, Fiddlesticks

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Aren’t they pretty?!  It’s the Fiddlehead Mittens from Hello Yarns.  We started a KAL at our LYS and I went stash diving! The yarn is Cascade 220 mostly heathers, will post the details all later.  My colorwork is rusty and … Continue reading


Harry Potter Marathon Weekend

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For Christmas, the kids received a membership to the Museum of Science in Boston and tickets to the “Harry Potter: The Exhibition”.  All four kids are Harry Potter groupies, the twins having already completed the series several times over and … Continue reading


Pea Green with…

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ENVY!!!  Yup, fell for my gf’s cowl hook, line and sinker.  Had to have it.  The very same one.   Tried to be different but only managed different shaped buttons!  hehe So here is my first future knitter and fiber enthusiast … Continue reading



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A couple of projects flew off the needles in the past few days. Harmonia’s Rings is just that!  What a cool pattern. Cat Bordhi has an amazing mind.  I wonder just how many pathways there are in her head? And … Continue reading


To Bead or Not to Bead…

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That is the question.  I am planning some major work on the Harmonia’s Rings this weekend.  Can’t decide about the beads? I am not anti-bead but rather just inexperienced at the bead thing.  I know.  Hop on that bandwagon…Rocking Sock … Continue reading



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My girlfriend was kind enough to loan me her two year old son today.  She dropped him off wearing this cuter-than-cute Thomas sweater she had made for her first son, eight (?) years ago.    He was perfect and entertained … Continue reading