Busy Weekends

Today was one of those days…we knew they were coming with four kids.  Four kids with four different places to be.  A friend took one to a birthday party.  The grandparents took another to a college basketball game.  That left 2 others for the parents. 

I was off to a basketball game with dd1.  An exciting game where she scored a point, her second of the season, and continued her awesome defense.

DH got the longer day at a gymnastics meet a few hours away.  The gymnast before the meet…

…and after…

It’s all worth it if at the end of the weekend you end up with smiles like these!  By the way, that’s a first place medal on beam and second on bars! I am so proud! (DH said she was so nervous before the meet she was shaking. What a recovery!)

And, I fell in love with some yarn and patterns over the weekend.  The Rocking Sock Club 2010 has begun!  Love this “Happy Go Lucky” color! Can’t wait to knit me some bobbles!

What did you do this weekend?


While I wait…

It’s time for the waiting game.  Apparently the first sock kits for the 2010 Rockin Sock Club are hitting the streets!

Tina gave us this wonderful song as our 2010 theme and I can’t get the song or the kit out of my head!  All I can think about is what time the mail will arrive!

But in my techonoligical advanced state since I got my new phone, I feel obliged to share my other new favorite discovery.

Check out Pandora radio. You put a song or artist in and a cool collection of songs , commercial free, keep you busy!  While you wait!  Spinning.  Knitting.  Or stalking.

 Maybe you are more savvy than me and have been a fan for a while.   If so, why didn’t you tell me?

The Glass is Half Full…

That’s how I like to look at things. So despite the fact that I got sidetracked by phone envy for a week, my research is done and my new phone is in hand.

It’s the Spring Moment and for the moment, I really like it!  Took 2 tries to get one that didn’t have a mind of it’s own but it is fun.  I needed a calendar at my fingertips and was hankering for a browser for my on the go afternoons.   Oh, and it syncs to my computer and new google account!  How cool!  What can I say?  I like a gadget.  Pretty good for a “just a mom”.  (I used to hate it when people would say that after I made that career change!!! grrrr! Oh and at the OB, they had me listed as unemployed! That frosted me!)

But since I prefer to be half full, here goes. 

My left hand and foot are warm and I am working slowly on the right side.

That’s the Merrily sock , designed by Irishgirlieknits, knit in STR rare gem that I showed the sole of earlier.  (The pattern is now released so here it is!)  And one really warm Fiddlehead that I am quite smitten with.  Hehe, smitten with a mitten.

And if that’s not enough, I have spun half of a 2 ply creamy merino!  2 and a half ounces or so.

There’s much more to catch up on.  Some fiber exploration is well under way.  My partner in fiber, Pat,  and I have been acquiring and trying out different types of fiber and have been having fun with it!  Take a look at what we just got!

Lots to keep busy with!   What about you?

Oh, Fiddlesticks

Aren’t they pretty?!  It’s the Fiddlehead Mittens from Hello Yarns.  We started a KAL at our LYS and I went stash diving!

The yarn is Cascade 220 mostly heathers, will post the details all later.  My colorwork is rusty and leaves something to be desired but, boy, I love getting to the next color!  They are fun!  And my size 4 addi click is doing the job just fine!

My friend Pat is a color whiz and my inspiration.  You should check out her projects…

Harry Potter Marathon Weekend

For Christmas, the kids received a membership to the Museum of Science in Boston and tickets to the “Harry Potter: The Exhibition”.  All four kids are Harry Potter groupies, the twins having already completed the series several times over and dd3 working on the 5th.  Little one does anything the others do, need I say more?

Foiled by the stomach bug the weekend before allowed my husband to launch his plan.  He found the game “Scene It, Deluxe Harry Potter” version and began his week-long accumulation of props, including robes, scarves and wands for the witches and wizards, robe and hat for Professor McGonagall (that’s me) and robe and staff thingy for himself (which my son promptly claimed), a dementor’s outfit. 

I was instructed to prepare candles, lots of candles. (I managed 27).  He downloaded music, Halloween type with wolves and other Harry Potter theme music,and even Hedwig the owl’s theme. John Williams composed the music and it is lovely in his true style.  (I have loved John Williams since he was the conductor of the Boston Pops orchestra.)

Needing a few minutes to prep once all kids were home from activities Friday evening, we did what all good parents do and banished them to clean up the toys in the basement.  The whining, complaining and grumbling stopped quickly once they heard the music.  One by one they were escorted though our candle-lined “great hall” and “sorted” ala Hogwarts style into their proper houses and they claimed their outfits.  They were one happy bunch!

And we were the heros. ( For now. I’ll have to remind them of this years from now! I am sure)

The trip to the Museum was great!  This is my budding scientist engrossed in discussion about these different rocks, some fossils, some not.  She patiently devoured every detail answering questions and asking a few too.

The kids all wore their robes (except for a short while when my oldest had a twang of self-consciousness) and even carried their wands.  

More than a few times I saw parents and children smiling at the kids as we made our way to and through the exhibits.  A few parents may have even promised their children wizard outfits!

The dinosaurs were a big hit!  My little wizard played with the dinosaur bone puzzles.

And even the dinosaurs wear handknits!

No pictures from the exhibit itself.  They weren’t allowed.  There were plenty of handknits.  Ron’s blanket, sweater, and hat, another sweater and even a pink suit worn by Professor Umbridge (I think). The exhibit was fascinating!  All things authentic to the movies, from costumes and sets to props.  The kids got to play quidditch and play with the squealing mandrake plants.  The kids absolutely loved it!

Of course, we have had Harry Potter movie marathon ever since!

Little knitting this weekend due to the family time and a little stomach bug that visited me too.  But I will show you the little project I cast on earlier this week.

I have knit more on this project and will show you more next time.  I am smitten with the colors in this all-stash-project! yay me!

Have you been stash diving lately?

Pea Green with…


Yup, fell for my gf’s cowl hook, line and sinker.  Had to have it.  The very same one.   Tried to be different but only managed different shaped buttons!  hehe

So here is my first future knitter and fiber enthusiast modeling the cowl.  (She asked to be in the blog!)  She tried to mosey off with Envy but I caught her!

It is big and bulkilicious.  I got compliments all day yesterday while sporting it~and it made me happy.  It’s the small things.  It reminds me of how my knitting obsession addiction craze began.  I started making felted bags and carrying them while I carted 3 toddlers and an infant around.  People commented that my bags were snazzy.  That’s all it takes for a frumpy-feeling mom to be encouraged.  The bar was low.  Sometines we need to take our own path to daily happiness, however insignificant the steps may be. 🙂

I leave you with a close up of the pattern.  The yarn is singles and the cables and seed stitch just pop off the fabric so plump and round.  And those buttons!  I just love the green buttons set on the raspberry yarn!

What I loved about this winter photo shoot was the snow relief that was left behind!  I made cabled snow!!

Pattern: Envy by John Brinegar

Yarn:  Soft Chunky Twinkle by Classic Elite, 1 skein (7 inches leftover)

Needle:  size 13 Addi Turbos

Mods: none but I may go up a needle next time.  And there will be a next time…

Stay tuned!


A couple of projects flew off the needles in the past few days.

Harmonia’s Rings is just that!  What a cool pattern. Cat Bordhi has an amazing mind.  I wonder just how many pathways there are in her head?

And I did end up putting the beads on.  I decided to go with a mix of colored beads, matte and shiny.  I added them randomly choosing contrasting colors at that picot point.  While they don’t jump out at you, the beads add a nice touch and I am pleased with the fun they add!

Pattern: Harmonia’s Rings cowl by Sivia Harding

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted, Muddy Autumn Rainbow

Needle: size 8 knit picks, 47″ and 24″

Mods: just an extra repeat on the end of the yoke.

I really like it!  The cowl is just right and it keeps my shoulders nice and toasty.  I have a little yarn left over and I am thinking some mittens…

(Oh, and dd 1, my fiber artist in training, took the photos for me.  Winter photos are tough!)

I’ll tell you about the 2nd FO tomorrow…

To Bead or Not to Bead…

That is the question. 

I am planning some major work on the Harmonia’s Rings this weekend.  Can’t decide about the beads?

I am not anti-bead but rather just inexperienced at the bead thing.  I know.  Hop on that bandwagon…Rocking Sock Club 2009 had a beaded sock a year ago and it is still on the to do list.

So, bead the picot bind off or not?  If so what kind of beads?  (The pattern calls for 5/0 or 6/0 seed beads?  What’s that?)

Shape, size, color? 

Speak up!!


My girlfriend was kind enough to loan me her two year old son today.  She dropped him off wearing this cuter-than-cute Thomas sweater she had made for her first son, eight (?) years ago. 


He was perfect and entertained my 2 girls who were home to play with him.  I taught him to baa not only when holding the Lego sheep, but also when he touches his mommy’s knitting.  He has the cutest baa!!!  Really he was perfect, I don’t know what she was talking about!

As she was leaving, we talked about our youngest children growing up and out growing the handknits.  Packing away the baby knits?   Difficult to do and definitely a milestone.

Then while out today, I finally broke down. 


See em? On top of the Harmonia’s Rings.  Uh huh. Another milestone.  Reading glasses.  It’s my turn.  There are times that I would like to see a little more clearly, like lace on size 0 needles or heaven forbid, removing a kid’s splinter (can’t do that at an arm’s distance!)  But I don’t want to wear them all the time.  And as luck would have it, since I am at the top of this slippery slope, the only ones this store had were pink with bling.  So they are mine and in my favorite color.   I have reading glasses.

The lady behind the counter told me eventually I would purchase multi-packs and place them all around the house.   Seriously?  How many pairs do you have?

And lastly, remember I said I’d be casting on a New Year’s sock, well, here it is.  Mostly, some of it is hiding.  I thought it only fitting to break out a Rare Gem in honor of the Blue Moon New Year! 


It’s a beauty, huh!   Look at those perfect stripes!  Stay tuned for the details.  To quote my bff,  “All shall be revealed in the fullness of time.”

Careful of those milestones, they sneak up when you aren’t lookin!’