Welcome 2010!

2010…Can you believe it?  I can’t. 

Sometimes I feel like I am standing still while time flies by.  Certainly the last ten years have brought with them alot of change in my life.  Try 4 kids!  Now I have a visible marker of time.  Ten years..before the kids were born,  a time we commonly refer to as BK.  As in, Before Kids.  I used to roll with things as the New Year descended, as if I could do anything to stop it.  Sort of gave up on resolutions.  My focus was not on me but rather the 4 babies and toddlers I was busy raising.  A few years back , a friend asked me what my goals were for myself and I realized I had none.  Over the last few years I began setting goals for myself.  Positive things I do for myself and then things for others, especially family, too.  Do you set goals?

Enough waxing philosphical…

Last night was the big Eclipsing Blue Moon cast on!  While I didn’t make it all the way to Oregon for the party, (where I could have actually seen the Blue Moon!), I did manage to cast on my Harmonia’s Rings Cowl.  After a little refresher with the ever-clever tree-climbing Cat Bordhi, I was humming along.  I can’t wait to actually wear this soon!

This yarn is seriously awesome!  The color just makes it irresistable to me! Seriously…

A little board gaming with the kids and a movie with the hubster and before I knew it…

2010Ready or not, here I come!!!


3 thoughts on “Welcome 2010!

  1. LOVE that Haromonia’s Ring-coming right along! And Uncle Frank’s socks are something lovely, too! And as for me…? Plugging away on my three focus projects but am SERIOUSLY considering a moment of no-focus and CO for a Baroness Beret! 😉

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