Pea Green with…


Yup, fell for my gf’s cowl hook, line and sinker.  Had to have it.  The very same one.   Tried to be different but only managed different shaped buttons!  hehe

So here is my first future knitter and fiber enthusiast modeling the cowl.  (She asked to be in the blog!)  She tried to mosey off with Envy but I caught her!

It is big and bulkilicious.  I got compliments all day yesterday while sporting it~and it made me happy.  It’s the small things.  It reminds me of how my knitting obsession addiction craze began.  I started making felted bags and carrying them while I carted 3 toddlers and an infant around.  People commented that my bags were snazzy.  That’s all it takes for a frumpy-feeling mom to be encouraged.  The bar was low.  Sometines we need to take our own path to daily happiness, however insignificant the steps may be. 🙂

I leave you with a close up of the pattern.  The yarn is singles and the cables and seed stitch just pop off the fabric so plump and round.  And those buttons!  I just love the green buttons set on the raspberry yarn!

What I loved about this winter photo shoot was the snow relief that was left behind!  I made cabled snow!!

Pattern: Envy by John Brinegar

Yarn:  Soft Chunky Twinkle by Classic Elite, 1 skein (7 inches leftover)

Needle:  size 13 Addi Turbos

Mods: none but I may go up a needle next time.  And there will be a next time…

Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Pea Green with…

  1. Nicole is now a blog star!
    I DO love the cowl, but like the cabled snow even better 🙂

    I want to make one – think I could spin yarn that thick?

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