Patience Rewarded

Yours and mine! 

And the kids’ too.  (three out of four anyways)  While I thought the best part of visiting the Mill was the fiber, the kids liked the animals outside.  Sheep, llamas, chickens and probably more that I just don’t know about.

But here is my best part…my first fleece to fiber…

There’s 4 lb of cream Suri/Merino (80/20), just over a pound of dark, dark brown Baby Alpaca (from Tootsie Roll) and 4 lb of grey Alpaca/Merino (80/20).  There’s another big ball of merino in the photo on the upper right corner because I fell in love with their creamy merino.

There of course had to be a small souvenier yarn purchase too.

Three colors of Fair Isle Fever,  (green and blue are 90% merino, brown 90% corriedale / 10% Samoyed).  The halo is gorgeous!  While I had planned on cashmere, these colors grabbed me and shouted KNIT ME some colorwork!

I may only complete one of my Ravelympic events because of the distraction.  I am nearing the edging of Ulmus and am excited at the prospect of the finished shawl.

I have played with some of the fiber made yarn and even planned a project!  Can you guess what it is?


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