Olympic Recap

What a great Olympics!  This was actually the first Olympics where the kids were interested and could really understand what the Olympics were all about.  We watched everything from curling to nordic combined and cross country ski to snowboarding and giant slalom to the exciting USA Canada gold medal hockey game.  No matter the results, we all had a great Olympic experience.

Now on to my knitting olympics results…

First, the major distraction.  Remember the fiber?  Here is the first skein of the gray Alpaca/Merino mix, singles and 3-ply worsted weight.  Approximately 130 yds but need I’ll need a little more to make the intended project.  It will be Hubster’s hat.

Soft, squishy and even some bits of VM that I left in for added texture.  hehe.

In addition, I had intended to complete 3 projects:

1. The Ulmus Shawl…oh, so close, but a DNF in the end due to a yarn shortage…remedy on the way…

I really tried to make it work, but no matter what, it was just going to look like I ran out of yarn.  I know.  Makes me laugh to think I ran out of yarn!

2. The Woolympics Cormo hat…see previous post.  Done.  Gold medal here!

3.  And the January Rockin Sock Club kit, Flabella.  DQ. Didn’t even get around to winding the yarn. OOOPS!

But as a bonus, I did (mostly) finish another UFO, the Ernie and Bert pure silk scarf that has been lingering since whenever.  I can’t even remember.  Knit lengthwise and striped.  Now all that remains is a solid edging on each short side and another project complete.  I do love silk and this will be perfect as spring approaches.

Next up, felted slippers for my to-be nine year old.  Stay tuned. Should be a quick turn around since her big day is in a week!  This will be some stealth knitting though.

Any tips on how to knit stealthily?


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