A Friend is…

Someone Who Likes You.  My mom gave me that sweet book early in my childhood.  I still have it and treasure it.  It’s message speaks to me.  Friends help, comfort, listen.  Friends are just there.  To me, friendship should be easy.  Friends should inspire me to be better, do better.

Today’s friend is Pat.  We met 4 years ago through the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rocking Sock Club. We never would have crossed paths with out this club, 3,000 miles across the country, even though we live 30 minutes away from each other.  Knitting brought us together and now spinning possesses us. 

Fiber theory fascinates me.  Clara Parkes solidified that in her books and class. I bought a few alpaca fleeces a year ago, before I was anything more than a spindle spinner.  They sat dormant for a few months since I was paralyzed by the unknown.  Slowly I researched and then entrusted my fleeces to the Still River Mill.  So along comes Pat with this idea for corriedale fleeces from White Fish Bay Farm.  We decided to try to enter the fleece sale, if we were lucky enough.  We did and we were. 

We now have Octavia and lamby Whirlwind.  “We can buy processed fleece.  Why not do it ourselves?” was basically what she said and I agreed. (And I don’t even regret it! Yet…)

I may not have been quite so speedy but this is a partnership of sorts.  We are doing this together.  And Pat took off!  And I followed.  I spent the week washing the fleece

and here it is! Awaiting the tools I need to finish the fiber, they should be here this week!

Octavia 1 lb 10 oz

Unwashed locks on the left, washed on the right.

Whirlwind 1 lb 3.3 oz

Locks again, unwashed on left and washed on right…with amazing colors!

There has been some knitting also…

A baby hat, still in need of a tie…details to follow…

and a pair of secret socks…that’s all you get for now!

Pat, thanks for pushing me and leading/joining me on this fibery adventure!  Do you have a friend who inspires you?

Have a sunshiny day!


5 thoughts on “A Friend is…

  1. Nothing like diving in head first. Love the colors on Whirlwind and Octavia looks like a great candidate for dye class. Have fun with the next steps.

    So are you going to SOAR this year to increase those spinning skills?

    Smackdowners unite!

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