My Day Off

Today, I had the day off.  I managed to sneak out of the house before my little one even woke up!  She never would have let me go without her if she knew I was going to Northampton!  (She just loves it there and keeps begging forr another family trip.)  I had a wonderful day with my girlfriend.  The only plan was to visit Webs Tent and Fleece Sale, have lunch and walk a lot.   (I love my LYS but I love the annual Webs trip too!)

Mission accomplished!  There was lots to look at and I actually managed to mostly stick to my plans. 

These little Wensleydale lambs were very talkative.

My blooming fiber-play experience was enhanced with some raw alpaca, natural tan and white, and Wensleydale, dyed midnight blue.  I’m pretty sure that Pat will help me play with these!

It should come as no surprise that my Blue Moon stash grew. 

That’s Socks that Rock heavyweight in Valkyrie (2), Jasper and Meet Brown, Joe.  A new fiber for me, Luscious Silk in ST-2.

For this season’s new summer sweater, Cece by Chic Knits, some Classic Silk in a really pretty blue with hints of purple, maybe it’s cornflower?

And with a special baby hat in mind, another new venture.   I couldn’t find the right colors and fortuitously ran into Gail, the Kangaroo Dyer.  She said I could easily dye my own and she ran off to find me the yarn to use.   Tina opened my eyes to the world of dying at sock camp last year and I am thoroughly intrigued.  Let’s see where this adventure leads! Hopefully to a cute hat!

The last item was a new case for my straight needles.  It’s a Lexi Barnes and matches my circular case.  I love it!

So that’s it.  If you saw what I put back, you’d agree that I was good!

We had a long walk around town along with lunch and ice cream.  It was just perfect! 

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful day too!


3 thoughts on “My Day Off

  1. Envy! Jen and I plan on a trip to Webs in conjunction with Rhinebeck.
    Webs is just a little too far for a me to comfortably visit in one day though I often think about doing it.
    You chose well, lovely yarn.

  2. Beuatiful selections! Your Cece will be gorgeous in the blue silk. When are casting on? I’m swatching myself, finding the right needle size for mine.

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