Do You See It?

I am sensing a theme…a blue green one…

This is what I’ve been working on this weekend.

I have been photographing these socks to publish the pattern.  Look for Northampton Socks soon!

I have been knitting and writing the pattern for these socks, a birthday present for my daughter this week!  She picked the design elements and I put it all together.  Looking for a name still but they are all girl…hugs and kisses, butterflies and roses!

And I started a knit-a-long with my friends Pat and Linda.  These are from Magnificent Mittens, pattern 6-5 and I love them! They will get more colors soon though, red, gold and white.

The thing that puzzles me is that I gravitate to pinks and yet, I don’t see any! Have you ever noticed color patterns in your recent projects?


2 thoughts on “Do You See It?

  1. A while ago I realized that I didn’t have any blue socks, so I made an effort to add blue to my queue. Then it seemed like everything had a blue element to it, so yes, I understand. As long as you’re happy with your projects, that’s all that matters. I think they all look great!

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