The Magnificent Knit-along

This knit-along was destined for greatness, with a pattern from the book named Magnificent Mittens. 

Pat, Linda and I had a blast.  We began trying to use stash yarn, which we all did to some extent.  (Pat’s mittens have the red/gray hand, Linda’s have yellow/blue hands and mine are the blue/green)  We set sections to knit and frequent meet ups to check in. 

The only variations were the cast off edgings we chose.  The different color combinations alone make these mittens so unique!

We are all lining with 100% angora to insure the mittens are as magnificent on the inside as they are on the outside!  I love these mittens!

Here is a better picture of my second mittens from Anna Zilboorg’s book.  My handspun is coming out quite nice if I do say so myself.

And, as I already confessed, I can’t stop.  It’s not time for a hat on my runs and walks but I do find myself in need of a headband!

Should keep me busy for this long Columbus Day weekend. 

Have a great weekend, whatever you do! 🙂


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