Fall in New England

What a glorious fall weekend in New England! The weather has been spectacular and the 3-day weekend has been heavy on family activities and game-lite (phew).  Bike rides, apple orchard-ing and hiking combined with a less hectic schedule for the weekend, the perfect time to recharge the batteries for the fast pace of a household of four kids. 

Rock House Reservation in West Brookfield, Massachusetts was a nature-made playground for the kids-big and small! 

After working up an appetite who could resist Howard’s Drive In?  I admit to being more than a little skeptical but it turned out to be a nice picnic.

And even a bonus history lesson after spotting a historic marker sign along the road.  (My history-afficionado hubster has never met a historic marker he didn’t like!) It reads: Here stood Fort Gilbert, built about 1688 to protect second settlement of Brookfield (called Quaboag) from Indian raids.  Who knew?

 I have nearly finished my fall/winter fair isle headband, with a cashmere lining for my pleasure, with hopefully lots of time before the chill permanently sets in!

Next fair isle project is a hat for the hubster since he seems to be digging the color work. 

Yes, we have that many acorns!  They are huge and every where this year.

And now, apple dumplings a la mode!  Happy Columbus Day weekend!  (and Thanksgiving in Canada!)

P.S. Hi Randy!


6 thoughts on “Fall in New England

  1. Love the headband! I’m sure you’ll get lots of use out of it this fall. Now, what is the Old Wives Tale for lots of acorns? We have a bazillion of them this year too. Is it early winter? Cold winter? I can’t remember…..

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