Imaginary Rhinebeck

So today, in between a flag football game (victory on to round 2 of the playoffs) and 2 soccer games (also victorious, holding first place in the division), my Imaginary Rhinebeck prize arrived in the mail.  (As a side note, hubster is intruiged with the whole sheep festival thing and I could see a family trip some year!)

Some Blue Moon Fiber Arts love.  Thanks Tina!  The colors are wonderful as usual!

I have a thing for Twisted! and plan to use this Briar Rose for some color work.  I cannot say enough about Twisted!  It is soft, wears like iron, is great to knit with and has such depth when dyed.  I love the darker twisted ply.

But the real surprise was the “True Blood” Red.  I was prepared to like it but never knew how deeply I’d fall.  I am a goner.  Total unrelenting unconditional love.  I can say with some degree of certainty that more of this color may come home with me from Stitches East!  This skein of Socks That Rock mediumweight is destined to be a gift for someone special.  It will be a pleasure to knit and hard to give away…which makes it the best kind of gift, the one you’d like to have yourself. 

Happy Rhinebeck Day to you too!   


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