Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
It was a good day here. All the preparations were worthwhile. I loved that all the family members ate heartily and genuinely had a great day.

The centerpiece of the day was the turkey. Cockeyed turned me on to Martha Stewart’s Turkey 101 recipe. Delish!

Hope you had a great day! I’ll be resting with a new project tonight and a cup of tea.


A Quick Meal

It’s undeniably getting to be a busier time of year.
I offer you a yummy kid-friendly recipe for the season of parties or more importantly, gift knitting. 

You don’t even need to grocery shop for this one, only 3 easy ingredients!

Narraganset Chicken
Boneless chicken breasts
Ken’s Creamy Italian dressing
Pepperidge Farm Herbed Stuffing mix – readily available and keeps forever!

1. Marinate chicken (the longer the better, I do a full day)
2. Coat marinated chicken breasts in crushed stuffing mix
3. Bake at 350 degrees F for 35 minutes.

Enjoy and go knit! 

Let me know how you like it!

Time Management

Or not!  For those of you joining me in the pre-holiday listmaking game, here’s a tip.

Zombie Farm. 

It serves three purposes.

1. Acts as timer for your tasks.  Crop ready in 30 minutes? Well that’s 30 minutes to clean dining room…you get it.

2. Task incentive.  Cross an item off the list, invade Old Mac Donald’s Farm as a reward. (Works for kids too!)

3. LastLy, Zombie Farm is a very effective procrastination tool. Ask me how I know…

I may be last to the game party, but what other games do you play?

PS. Don’t get me started on Angry Birds!  Love it but it’s a MAJOR addictive game.  Thanks ALOT Leslie!

Show and Tell Time

I really was quite good.  It could have been worse. Much.  A convention center full of yarny goodness makes for lots of fun.

Some fibery type souveniers stowed away in my bags.

Yarns from Blue Moon Fiber Arts (BFL Sport and STR in True Blood Red and STR spuced), Miss Babs (3ply in olive and plum), String Theory (merino cashmere nylon in gorgeous pinks) Still River Mill Mystery Bumps (roving alpaca merino) and Kollage Yarns (Creamy, Sockalicious and Glisten-all for IrishgirlieKnits designs in the picture below!)

And support for the fibery things was an integral part of the weekend.  See my first Signature circular needle! I love it!

The post-Stitches East trip to WEBS for a few more hours with Debbi also meant a few more items came home with me.  (We just spent the weekend together but I just couldn’t resist spending a few more hours with her before she returned to Oregon, no matter how incoherent we were! She is one special lady that Cockeyed.)

Did I mention that Debbi made the adorable monkey bag? She’s a Knitter and a Seamstress!  No end to her amazing talents and generosity. Seriously.

She’s a weavering enabler too.  She taught me to spin 2 years ago and eventually she’ll have to teach me to weave too.  We just have to knock out a few states between us to make this easier.

Now for actual knitting…

This is Ananke, knit with STR in “True Blood” Red.  It’s a gift for a special person.  I am hoping that she’ll love it as much as I love my Ananke, a gift I received from none other than Debbi.  See what I mean?

And we have the Daybreak knitalong.  Born at some aweful o’clock in the morning during Stitches, Erica, Carrie, Debbi and I have all been knitting and singing Daybreak.

Off to work on Daybreak now while I listen to my newest audiobook “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest”. 

Have any of you read/listened to this Stieg Larsson series? Lisbeth Salander is one tough chick!

The CowlVest

I got it in my head, after seeing this vest on my knitting buddy Cynthia, that I had to have it. NOW.  Berroco designed Ninebark Cowl knit with Lustra.

It was in my queue since last winter when it appeared on the cover of KnitScene. But Carpe Diem.  And I had a deadline.  I wanted to wear it to Stitches East.

Conveniently, more Sock Camp friends were visiting nearby the day after Now happened and a 11 days before Stitches, so I drove to Northhampton to meet them.  I hadn’t seen Jen (center) and Susan (left) in nearly 2 years!  Of course we all were sporting our knitwear!

In addition to shopping at WEBS, we had a great visit over lunch nearby. 

I converted the vest from pieces to knit in the round to the armpits for speed and voila, 10 days later, I had a vest to wear to Stitches. Just in time! 

It really is pretty if I do say so myself.  The colors and pattern are great.  All the details can be found here.

I was constantly stopped on Friday by people inquiring about the pattern or wanting to touch it.  I’m a knitter, I expected that and didn’t mind at all.

It was a fun purchase, knit and debut!  Someone else I know is making it and I am sure she’ll have the same fun with it!

Since I’m on a roll and it was a nice day for pictures, tomorrow will be all about what’s on and off the needles!  (along with those Stitches souveniers!)


Stitches East 2010

I know, I know, Stitches East 2010 was weeks ago.  Well, to be honest it took me about that long to recover!  And life got in the way…but it was GREAT!  It was about friends and fiber and laughter…lots of each.

I had looked forward to the weekend for months knowing that Debbi  aka Cockeyed (R) and Carrie  aka IrishgirlieKnits (L) were comng all the way from the West Coast.  We’ve been long distance friends for years, having met through Sock Club and met at Sock Camp.   (Skype is ok but, it’s so much better to be together in person.)

I’d seen Erica  aka kzooerica (far L) (Kollage Yarns wondergirl) last year and couldn’t wait to see her and the Kollage pretties this year!

 Carrie was working with Erica at Kollage.  I waited to purchase my Irishgirlieknits patterns from Carrie in person.

(Yes, that’s the vest I whipped up quickly the week before Stitches. More on that next catchup-mustard post!)

 I spent most of my time with Debbi (the wonderful friend that she is) at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth (which was part of the WEBS setup.)

Debbi changed the world, one skein at a time.

Debbi posed with Debbie.  Yes, author Debbie Macomber walked away with a great skein of Socks That Rock.  Retroid, I think. (Debbie is really sweet and so is her great team too!)

THE Hot Item of the show for Blue Moon Fiber Arts was The Traveling Sweater, both pattern and yarn, oh the Woobu! It’s really a magic sweater because it looked great on everybody who tried it on, and there were hundreds who tried it on! Me included.  Some were happy that the small size fit or that the drape was sassy. I loved that it made me feel tall.

The last Traveling Sweater pattern and yarn of the show walked out the door at 10 am on Sunday with its proud new owner! 

The very late nights were too much to even try to explain.  Glee sing alongs, Barry Manilow cameos, salt n peppa, tweet alongs, faulty knitting, and not as much wine as you’d think…but let me give you this piece of advice, should you ever see these cookie/crackers, BUY them! They were the best BUTTA crackas evah!

It was a soul rejuvinating weekend with girlfriends.  I am blessed with wonderful friends.  Actual purchases were made.  I’ll have those for you tomorrow!