The CowlVest

I got it in my head, after seeing this vest on my knitting buddy Cynthia, that I had to have it. NOW.  Berroco designed Ninebark Cowl knit with Lustra.

It was in my queue since last winter when it appeared on the cover of KnitScene. But Carpe Diem.  And I had a deadline.  I wanted to wear it to Stitches East.

Conveniently, more Sock Camp friends were visiting nearby the day after Now happened and a 11 days before Stitches, so I drove to Northhampton to meet them.  I hadn’t seen Jen (center) and Susan (left) in nearly 2 years!  Of course we all were sporting our knitwear!

In addition to shopping at WEBS, we had a great visit over lunch nearby. 

I converted the vest from pieces to knit in the round to the armpits for speed and voila, 10 days later, I had a vest to wear to Stitches. Just in time! 

It really is pretty if I do say so myself.  The colors and pattern are great.  All the details can be found here.

I was constantly stopped on Friday by people inquiring about the pattern or wanting to touch it.  I’m a knitter, I expected that and didn’t mind at all.

It was a fun purchase, knit and debut!  Someone else I know is making it and I am sure she’ll have the same fun with it!

Since I’m on a roll and it was a nice day for pictures, tomorrow will be all about what’s on and off the needles!  (along with those Stitches souveniers!)



5 thoughts on “The CowlVest

  1. Marcy! I love your blog . . . just discovered it! The photos from Stitches . . . fabulous! You girls . . . . how could life ever bring so much fun and such wonderful friends together! Your sweater is lovely . . no wonder you had so many comments on it! Debbi showed it to me Wednesday when we met for coffee and I got to hear all about (well, maybe not ALL :-)) Stitches East adventures! What a great time!

  2. Nicely done! I particularly like the cowl and until I read your notes I was convinced that the cowl was separate from the vest. Which makes me now realize how much fabric you were turning while doing color work at the top! Wow!

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