Show and Tell Time

I really was quite good.  It could have been worse. Much.  A convention center full of yarny goodness makes for lots of fun.

Some fibery type souveniers stowed away in my bags.

Yarns from Blue Moon Fiber Arts (BFL Sport and STR in True Blood Red and STR spuced), Miss Babs (3ply in olive and plum), String Theory (merino cashmere nylon in gorgeous pinks) Still River Mill Mystery Bumps (roving alpaca merino) and Kollage Yarns (Creamy, Sockalicious and Glisten-all for IrishgirlieKnits designs in the picture below!)

And support for the fibery things was an integral part of the weekend.  See my first Signature circular needle! I love it!

The post-Stitches East trip to WEBS for a few more hours with Debbi also meant a few more items came home with me.  (We just spent the weekend together but I just couldn’t resist spending a few more hours with her before she returned to Oregon, no matter how incoherent we were! She is one special lady that Cockeyed.)

Did I mention that Debbi made the adorable monkey bag? She’s a Knitter and a Seamstress!  No end to her amazing talents and generosity. Seriously.

She’s a weavering enabler too.  She taught me to spin 2 years ago and eventually she’ll have to teach me to weave too.  We just have to knock out a few states between us to make this easier.

Now for actual knitting…

This is Ananke, knit with STR in “True Blood” Red.  It’s a gift for a special person.  I am hoping that she’ll love it as much as I love my Ananke, a gift I received from none other than Debbi.  See what I mean?

And we have the Daybreak knitalong.  Born at some aweful o’clock in the morning during Stitches, Erica, Carrie, Debbi and I have all been knitting and singing Daybreak.

Off to work on Daybreak now while I listen to my newest audiobook “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest”. 

Have any of you read/listened to this Stieg Larsson series? Lisbeth Salander is one tough chick!


4 thoughts on “Show and Tell Time

  1. Great haul! I’m impressed that you’ve finished a shawl already since Stitches. I love the TBR. I have some in my stash that I intend to use for some cabled socks.

    By funny coincidence, I am listening to The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest right now too. I absolutely love this series! The 1st movie, in Swedish, is available on Netflix, I saw the 2nd in the theater with some of my book club buddies. They follow the books really well, although 2+ hours of subtitles….

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