The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, III

Isn’t it fun to watch all the Christmas cards arrive?  I love looking at all the pictures of kids from year to year!  This year, the cards are getting more and more complex and creative.  My kids love looking at the daily haul of cards too!

But who can resist the occasional surprise package in that arrives?  Mine was the first official package under the tree.  Maybe as I wrap the extended family gifts this week, I’ll place them under the tree.  It looks so festive and now that the kids are older, we should manage to get by without re-wrapping!

Off to finish addressing the cards…yup, last minute EVERY year!

Only 6 more sleeps till Christmas. Are you ready?


2 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, III

  1. I haven’t even started addressing my cards yet! Last minute for me every year too. And this year I am determined to send cards with the boys’ picture on them. I just need to get the 3 of them in the same place at the same time so I can take a picture. Other than that I am finished! Except food shopping…. Merry Christmas my friend 🙂

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