The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, V

Holidays are all about family traditions.  I love that about families.

I am fortunate enough to be part of another family’s tradition.  A year ago, I met a nice lady who was thrilled to welcome her new daughter-in-law into their family.  Every family member had the same Christmas stocking made years ago by a loving grandmother.  She thought that Theona should have one too.

From Tony’s stocking I was able to deconstruct the stocking, chart the motifs and tediously count rows.  And on Christmas morning, Theona found her stocking hanging by the chimney with care.

Along came baby Anthony on Thanksgiving.  And a family tradition lives on!

Do you have any favorite family traditions?


6 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, V

  1. Well done!
    Now is everything done on your list?
    We follow Danish traditions – the favorite is the blanched almond in the Risengrød on Christmas Eve – whoever gets the almond gets a present 🙂

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