In a New York Minute

All I can say is that I didn’t go to New York City to sleep. And I didn’t.

I had a fabulous weekend in the city with two GREAT ladies Debbi (Cockeyed) and Susan (Etta Mae) and a GREAT yarn to sell, Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  Vogue Knitting Live was the first show I ever worked and beforehand, I had NO idea how exhausting is was…

First, the manual labor of setting up the booth and then the proud moment when you look at how pretty it is.

Then the influx of happy knitters and yarn lovers. The booth was packed with people.  We talked to a lot of people, some fans of BMFA andbrand new to the cult vice craze of beautiful colors Tina makes!

We had a few teacher visitors (the ones I was actually able to see when my head wasn’t buried in fiber): Cat Bordhi, Melissa Morgan-Oakes, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Debbie Macomber, Cookie A, The Savvy Girls, Merike Saarniit, Ann Hanson…and probably more that were lost in the crowd.

Just to make sure this was a balanced trip, we made full use of our spare time, Central Park, obligitory Today Show visit, theater, Times Square for souvenirs and long evenings laughing with new friends.
























Final impression of the show: One thing is clear; NY loves BMFA!

We had a blast and I’d do it again!


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