Happy Groundhog’s Day

Hope you enjoyed your Groundhog’s Day as much as you could and made the most of your weatherly challenges!  We did!

(Click here to watch the short video.)

Winter, if you can’t beat it, join it!

Happy shoveling and knitting~


4 thoughts on “Happy Groundhog’s Day

  1. Hey Marcy!
    We took the Bright Spot, Northampton Socks, AND the Bluster Proof patterns to our knit night! Such fun! You are such a talent!!! Debbi and I had several discussions about how you are managing the kids, the designing, taking care of yourself, AND SNOWMAGGEDON!!!! OMG that is a LOT of snow! I just can’t EVEN imagine it. I really can’t fathom doing the shoveling . . . . . and living to tell about it! I am sure thinking of you! Such nice memories . . . . . what a treasure you are!!!

  2. Oops . . . . forgot! I took your Northampton Sock pattern to Eileen, our little English super super talented teacher/knitter extraordinaire. That was last week . . . . today, the socks! Oh my goodness! Everyone in the Y class was checking it out! Lovely . . . . . . hers were in a pale pink with green! 🙂

  3. What a good mama out there with the kids – not me….I’m holed up inside 🙂
    PS – LOVE your Bluster Proof Mittens and Headband 1 post below – BEAUTIFUL pattern!

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