The Socks of Sock Camp

Well, Sock Camp actually produced socks for me this year!  Time for show ‘n tell!

1.  Northampton Beat Sock

This was a fun knit, not only because it is my pattern and the yarn is awesome, but also because it was a mini-kal!  I cast-on mine on the way to the airport, Leslie picked her stalled socks up and made serious progress despite breaking ALL of her needles, Celia knit and finished one, Angela (with her fancy new yarn) showed up at camp with hers on the needles, and Laura (she gifted all campers  her beautiful stitch markers! She’s like that.) showed up WEARING a finished pair!

2. Vanilla Dragon Socks

My homework attempt was lame at best.  Although I didn’t knit a dragon, I did knit socks for a dragon.  They appear misshapen but it is the dragon feet which are the source of the odd shaping :-). They doubled as rocking good dancing shoes.

3. Free Sole Sock

This is my wee sock knit in Anna Zilboorg’s (wish she had a real website that would give you the true flavor of who and how amazing she is!) afternoon sock workshop.  It is a great technique starting at the toe with a band and worked up the instep.  Stitches are picked up and knit together at each edge of the sole.  The heel turn and flap follow with the leg on top.  Can’t wait to make a person size pair!  The great thing is you can easily use to make multicolored socks.

4. Darned Sock

This is Leslie’s Leyburn Sock.  (Ironically in the same color as Celia’s sock above.) It had a large blowout at the heel turn.  I took it to my darning class with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and voila.  No more hole.  Leslie, Steph and I were wondering if the match had a hole too?  Seriously, only one sock?  And by the way…be more careful with your socks next time, huh?! 😉

5.  Spring Blooms Mystery Sock

I released this free pattern as part of the Solid Socks group Mystery Sock KAL over on Ravelry on April 1st.  Here’s a picture of Clue 1.  I am thrilled to see so many people have downloaded and cast-on! (over 500 and 49 to date, respectively)  The next clue will be released on Friday.  Join in if you like!

Yarny pictures from camp later this week but right now, I have a second sock to start!!!

Knit on! Honeybadgers love knitting!


9 thoughts on “The Socks of Sock Camp

  1. Such cool socks! Anna Zilboorg writing a new book or going to release a pattern or some kind of tutorial for her technique?

  2. Amazing repair on Leslie’s sock! I’m really sad I missed that class. Maybe Steph will repeat it at Sock Summit?
    I love seeing all your Mystery Socks too. I check the group every day to see what people have posted. Hopefully I’ll be casting on soon too 🙂

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