Anna of Port Ludlow

Well we all know Anna Zilboorg isn’t from Port Ludlow, but she was for just one week.

I had the most wonderful opportunity to really get to know Anna during our time at sock camp.  We had a lunch and ice cream together and even breakfast one morning after one of her adventures.  I was wowed to be in her class…

…and look at all of her knits…

(Go take a look at the sweater she is wearing over here…Debbi has a great picture of it in her sock camp post.)

…was amazed at her poise while reciting the Jabberwocky, flawlessly I might add…

…and honored to have her even dare to look at my rendition of HER Magnificent Mittens.

She is a remakable woman with alot of stories and perspective to share.

Thank you Anna! You are magnificent!

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