Almost Ready…

Well, thanks to great test knitters (Leslie, Celia, Jen, Lara, Susan), my new shawl pattern will be out this week!

One skein of fingering or sock weight yarn is all you’ll need!  This one is knit in Valley Yarns Charlemont Kettle Dyed (60% fine superwash, 20% silk, 20% polyamide/ 439 yds, 100 g) which was a pleasure to knit with!

It’s even a great knit for the ball fields of spring!  Trust me, it’s a necessity in everything I knit these days!

I’m excited about this one!


8 thoughts on “Almost Ready…

  1. I smell a winner. (HB smells things, you know.) Looks like a great option for some gift knitting I need to do. How much of the skein/how many actual yards do you estimate? The yarn I’d like to use is 378 yards, nearly 100 less than the skein you used.

  2. Hey Marcy!
    I almost called you today to tell you how much I am enjoying knitting this shawl! I am on the short rows and loving it! I will be sure and show it to Deb on Wednesday and I will let you know as soon as I finish with a photo! . . . . hopefully . . . . technologically challenged, here! It is really beautiful!

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