Finally today, after a week of rain and drizzle our friend, Mr. Sunshine made a return appearance!

Which meant:

1. First baseball game of the season in the warm sunshine.  I left my wool accessories at home.

2. These herbs and tomatoes purchased yesterday will actually make it in the ground and pots.  I love basil. In everything. Try fresh basil in your scrambled eggs!

3. There are still flowers to enjoy!  These gorgeous azaleas would brighten any yard.  Although I missed my cherry tree in full bloom, these azaleas (partially) make up for it.

4. There will be knitting on the deck tonight while I am grilling up the kids’ favorite, hot dogs!

Hope you have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Yes it was nice to have the sun for a day, I do hope it returns again soon as we are getting webbed feet.
    Actually I am off to England on Wednesday where they have had very little rain for 2 months and are asking me to bring some over.

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