Marrowstone for All Seasons

…or Ask Me How I Know

Since the Marrowstone Shawl Summer Knit A Long with Miss Babs Yarns is starting on June 1st, I thought I would share a few helpful hints on the pattern.  File these under “Ask Me How I Know.”   Even though I designed the pattern, it doesn’t mean I escape the pitfalls of operator error.

1. Cast on loosely.  Marrowstone needs to be blocked to open up the lace.  If the cast on edge, although untraditional, is too tight, the shape of the shawl will be affected.

2. As the instructions state, slip the first stitch of every row with the yarn in front.  Then, bring the yarn between the first stitch on the right needle and next stitch on the left needle to begin the next knit stitch.  This will create a nice edge with enough give for the blocking process.  Also, it creates a beautiful finished edge.

3. On the edging, remember to knit the last 2 stitches on the wrong side rows.  If you accidentally purl the entire row and don’t catch yourself, you will end up with a problem come time to pick up the stitches for the body of the shawl.  The straight edge created will show on the front of the shawl as a design element of the shawl.  (This is the part where I reknit nearly all of the edging repeats.)

4. The edging becomes easy to read.  Learn to read your knitting after a few repeats without relying on the pattern.  You can do it.

5. If you are tired, put it down for the night.  That’s where my knitting mistakes ALL happened!

The yarn I chose is Miss Babs “Yummy” 2 ply in the color Light Clematis. I am really excited for the Knit A Long!

Won’t you join us?


6 thoughts on “Marrowstone for All Seasons

  1. I can’t join in this kal, but these are excellent notes for future reference. Would you consider putting a link back to this blogpost on the Marrowstone Shawl pattern page on Rav?

    • Great idea!

      I had linked the post but now have added the link at the bottom of the notes. Other links in the forums, including the KAL, are referenced from the main pattern page too, I believe!

      Hope you enjoy Marrowstone, Disco!

  2. Found it helpful to block the lace edge first before continuing with the body of the shawl. Would have been helpful in directions after all short row sections were completed to have a note to break & fasten off yarn the proceed to end to begin finishing border. Used a tonal shaded advent purple from Fiesta Yarn for this project and love the effect.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the project. There is no need to break yarn after short rows. There are transition rows that get you back to the full rows before the final open work. They are the “hiding the wraps” rows. I would love to see a picture of it!

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