Mood Enhancement

There is nothing to lift a mood around this house like a long holiday weekend.

We have all the fixings for 3 days of grillin’.  We have surf and we have turf.  The deck is certainly where the action will be this weekend.  As I blog from the perfectly temperate spot right now I wish I could share my gardenias and their fragrant blooms with you.  Only a picture though.

I bought these last year and wintered them inside, nearly killing them.  I am continuing to love them and they have rewarded me.

While I may not have talked to the plants, I did knit by them many an evening and have this beauty to show for it.  Miss Babs Yummy was wonderful to knit with and I love how my Marrowstone looks (details here).  We had a great KAL and look forward to another one in the future 😉 .

I am working away on my next design, just about finished.  The Riveting has been a great yarn for this week with the warmer temperatures finally settling in!

Already looking ahead to next week, my next project is another version of the Cotuit Sands Scarf in Miss Babs Yet in the color Beach Glass.  How could I resist that? Sands…beach…get it…

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!  Happy Fourth of July!

Cheers, from the deck…


One thought on “Mood Enhancement

  1. I was just checking out all the awesome shawl projects on Ravelry, and WOW! So may beautiful ones! I need a couple more hours each day just to knit so I could try to keep up with you and all our talented friends!

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