The Cotuit Sands Collection

I knew when I came out with the Cotuit Sands Scarf design, knit flat, that I wanted to have a companion pattern to go with it that was knit in the round.  The Cotuit Sands Cowl is just that.  I like to think of these 2 patterns as cousins.

Favorite views from the waters off Cotuit, MA.

I love that these 2 pieces are not only casual and functional but quick knits in either a worsted or sport weight yarn.  (I am all about being to knit on the go these days.)  I picture the Cotuit Sands Cowl as a perfect accessory  for a cool summer evening or a crisp fall tailgate.

Cotuit Sands Cowl  

There are 2 versions: a cowl (knit in worsted weight yarn) and an infinity (knit in sportwieght yarn).  I chose the Kollage Yarns recycled denim yarn for both as the Riveting Worsted and Riveting provide just the right amount of warmth without being too hot.  The recycled denim yarn really adds to the casual feel of the accessories.

Pattern:   The pattern is charted and easily memorizable.   This 9 stitch repeat creates a nice scalloped edge once blocked.

Yardage:  One skein of Riveting Worsted and Riveting will do.  If you are substituting another yarn, you will need 160 yards  of worsted and 300 yards of sportweight.

Needle: Cowl: US size 8 ( 5.0 mm) 16 inch circular needle. Infinity: US size 6 (4.00 mm) 24 inch circular needle.

Finished Measurements:  Width: 8 (6) inches. Circumference: Cowl: 22 inches; Infinity: 48 inches.

Since I believe these cousin patterns go together, I will be offering a discount on the 2 patterns combined as the Cotuit Sands Collection.

Purchase the Cotuit Sands Collection (which includes Cotuit Sands Scarf and the Cotuit Sands Cowl , a 4 pattern collection) for only $10.

Happy Summer!