Virtual Sock Summit

I seem to be telling my kids a lot this summer, that “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  And this week I choose to heed my own advice.

Although I wish I were in the left coast Portland for Sock Summit, I am not.  I am however choosing to be actively engaged in “virtual sock summit” on Ravelry and with many friends, virtual and real. Nartian, Tapmouse and Disco to name a few!

To make matters even better, Laura of Knitifacts sent me these awesome markers that I had been drooling over!  She sent the nicest note too, telling me that I would be there in “spirits”.   Spirits, haha, get it!  These markers are such high quality they seem more like jewelry for my knitting! (Booth 403…just sayin’)

And because a girl can change her mind, I remembered that I had another skein of Sock-a-licious in this beautiful shaded blue.  I will be knitting Bubblicious  in  Blue Mist now.  Casting on tonight!

Look how well it matches the pretty bubbles we blew!

And lastly, if I were in Portland, I would miss an event I have been anticipating for over a decade.  This is the first time since that these 2 hydrangeas, given to us as a housewarming present 12 years ago, have bloomed!

See?  Lemonade.

PS. Special thanks to all the bloggers, especially IrishgirlieKnits for her extra special blogging efforts (3 am, really?), for keeping us jealous informed on all the Sock Summit fun!

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