Hamster on the Wheel

That’s what I have felt like for the last few weeks.

Vacation was great.  The toy from vacation was indeed a kaleidoscope.  I envision a lot of fun with that little piece when choosing colors for projects in the future.  If I could find the card, I’d tell you more details.  But for now, suffice it to say, this one is made to allow photographs to be easily taken from the eye piece.   I got it a store at the Mashpee Commons dedicated entirely to kaleidoscopes…REALLY nice ones that are more art than toy!

On vacation my sister in law and I both sported Cotuit Sands Cowls on the beach.  I was photographing the Cotuit Collection on the beach but it was just a little chilly and the Kollage Yarns Riveting was just perfect!  (Pretty pair after a day at the beach, huh?)

And here is an actual finished project, another Cotuit Sands Cowl, infinity style.  It goes perfect with tie dye, huh?  (summer fun with the kids!!)

We start school in a week.  I am ready. You?


2 thoughts on “Hamster on the Wheel

  1. That is a LOT of Cotuit Sand you’ve got going on there. Pretty :0)
    My boys started back on Wednesday. I have been up to my eyes in PTO though, so no rest for me. Soon :0) Enjoy your last week of summer.

  2. Chandler starts school tomorrow. I am sooo ready for routine, although I will miss my lazy mornings. Pretty collection though, and I did score some riveting at Sock Summit. I just need to cast it on soon!

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