Things That Take A While

The last post reminded me that in fact I haven’t even blogged about my newly finished sweater.  It’s a Norah Gaughn from the Winter 2007 Vogue Magazine. (All details here. Including pictures of the pieces.)

Started in January 2007, finished in October 2011.  The worst part of that 4+ years is that the actual knitting was complete in March 2007.

I know what happened though.  It got warmer and I hit a moment of indecision about the scarf.  Longer, shorter, fully attached or just as the designer intended.   Then time marched on.  Other things became shiny and new.  And more fun than a lot of seams.  I am a knitter and not a seamstress.  Love to knit and purl and not so much sew.

What I do love is my new sweater!  I wore it to Rhinebeck with Debbi.  I felt like I had cheated though.  She actually knit a lovely sweater and wore it to Rhinebeck, all within a few months.  I merely sewed one together.  She was nice enough not to gloat and point out that her accomplishment was better than mine.

But we both know it was.  She took some awesome photos for me too without so much as a word.  She is a good friend like that.

And you know what?  I am currently making another sweater!

I am also trying to blog more because Carrie basically made me realize that I have been a slacker in the blogging arena.

Are you ever a slacker?


4 thoughts on “Things That Take A While

  1. Totally “get” all those reasons it took a while-but you have a new sweater now and it is beautiful! Can’t wait to see the next!

  2. Ummmm…… I have a Lopi sweater that is in pieces that just needs to be sewn up and add the button band. The pieces have been finished since April cough2006cough. By my standards, I’d say you’re downright speedy!

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