The Sheep Shack

Big news!  My girlfriend Cynthia is the new owner of my local yarn store, The Sheep Shack.

I met Cynthia years ago when I first discovered my LYS and we became fast friends.  It’s a friendship about more than yarn, but that certainly was the beginning.

Cynthia, in a cute purple Flicker vest, helps her customers.

She has a great vision for the shop and will certainly build on Christina’s success.  (Good luck in Arizona, Christina!)  Cynthia is bringing Cascade yarns into the shop, new needles, accessories and other lovely items that will make a knitter’s heart go pitter patter.

There is a fresh coat of paint, compliments of the “Granny Squad” as they called themselves.  You’d never know that painting was not a first career for Maureen (the kindergarten teacher), Melinda (the school nurse that I miss dearly) and Ellen (not sure of her first career but rumor has it she is a real painter of pictures and even maker of Nantucket baskets).  Cynthia’s crew was definitely over-qualified  but man, they got the job done.

My only assistance in the redecorating effort was this:

The adorable felted mitten had quite sever sunburn (fade) and I decided it could be saved from a darker fate.  After peeling the motif off, washing, shaping and re-needle-felting the motifs on the former inside, it is good as new.

The sheep mitten is ready for a new life, just like The Sheep Shack.

Good luck Cynthia!  Thanks for giving our LYS new life!