Scents to Knit By

This is the time of year where afternoons and evenings become challenging.  I am not a huge fan of the darkness setting it so early, but I do like the daylight in the mornings.  Add a heap of cold and shazam…things can get moody.

One of the ways I get through these upcoming months is by burning candles.  I love burning candles.  They smell good and I get to fake out the family that I have done something yummy.

When Debbi was out for Rhinebeck, we went to THE Yankee Candle Company.  Aside from fragrance overload, we walked away with a nice assortment of votives to burn and this cute little glass pail.

Fragrance du jour…

What are your favorite candles?

(P.S.  Tomorrow, I think the sweater is ready to be revealed.  It’s not finished but, after a brief setback due to operator error, I am on to the fun part!  Can’t wait to share.)



4 thoughts on “Scents to Knit By

  1. I’m a die-hard Scentsy fan now. Awesome smells and cool looking ‘burners’. I think my burner is called “Boleyn” (it’s black & white). Check them out :0)
    My favourite scent of theirs right now is Spiced Orange Harvest.

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