Did You Know?

It’s Wovember.   The month to celebrate all things wool.

I happened upon this great part of the website where the garment industry is called liars basically.  That’s pretty much what you’d expect from a Hall of Shame, right?

Then, I went shopping with my girls today.  (Not being a shopper, this was Big.)  All I could do was read garment tags for fiber content.

Go look.  Let me know if the same thing happens to you…

Oh, and the sweater is coming along and I have a dream that it will be done tomorrow if no one makes me go anywhere.

What are you up to?


One thought on “Did You Know?

  1. Do you read Kate’s blog “Needled”? I just LOVE her. She’s so intelligent and classy and geeky.
    I’m going shopping today and I too will be looking at labels (looking for a wool skirt).
    Get to work on that sweater Marcy – I’m wearing my handknit “Lush” today – denimy and sparkly :0)
    Happy Friday!

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