The Saturday Report

I am declaring today a success.  The team is 2-0 in their tournament.  They played 2 great games and outmatched one of their league arch-rivals.  They were very happy.  It’s only pre-season, but still a great indicator of the hard work paying off.

Caution: mother about to brag about her kid. You’ve been warned.  My daughter played great!  She was a force both offensively and defensively and was a huge contributor in both victories.  And, she scored 7 points.  Bonus!  Mom is proud!

Number 1 in team spirit.  Yes, that’s green hair.  It washed out with some effort but does stain the brush, which is currently a bit purple. (different team)

Patricia has one full repeat done.  I have all season if need be. I am not worried.  I get pretty wrapped up in the games and take some time at the scorer’s table too.

The sweater WILL be done by the close of business tonight.  Only 3 more color rows, 2 more decreases, and a collar.  Then the blocking process but that doesn’t count against it being finished.

How was your Saturday?