Good Weekend, Goodnight

Sticking with my NaBloPoMo pledge and posting yet again.  Hope I am not boring you all to distraction with my life play by play.  But here goes:

A full weekend done, 4 happy, healthy kids almost all asleep, and I am just settling in for some down time.  Think it’s time for quality time with my Lotus Blossom Hat.


Basketball 3-0. Victory is sweet.  Let’s hope the season is as kind.

Sweater done and blocking.  In about 3 weeks time I think.  Better than 4 1/2 years for the last one.  I would put it on now with my pi’s if it weren’t wet.  That’s how much I like it.  (and I like that it is ALL done, every last end woven and a very tidy job on the finishing work.)

One lingering design project to be finished this week and 2 more ready to pop out of my head.  Hope nothing is lost in the translation.

And one reason to look forward to Monday.  A new KAL with Pat!  Here’s a peak:

Sweet dreams…