1. I am fighting the urge to wish for cold weather so that I can wear my new Lopi sweater.  Needless to say, I really love it. (pictures soon.)

2. A corollary to my earlier post: Friends don’t let friends knit black BOUCLE! Should be a no-brainer.

3.  I am adding a pear to my apple pie this year because my friend does it and the idea intrigues me.

4. And chocolate chips to the bottom of my pecan pie. See #3.

5. I have grand ideas to order a bunch of Christmas presents this week and it’s only Wednesday.

6. I really like basketball season.  Love watching the kids’ games and think it is my favorite sport of theirs.

7.  I am taking huge shortcuts on tonight’s dinner and yet it will still have that homemade feel to it.  And I feel clever cheating.

8. Laundry doesn’t fold itself.

9.  I have solved one of my problems posed by yesterday’s gauge/needle issue.  Feeling clever about that also.

10. Glee. (Right Stephen?)

Anything you care to add????