The Proof is in the Pudding

…or on the head…so here it is, my Lotus Blossom Hat.  Look Ma, no hands!  It fits!!!

I had a severe panic attack that I was making a tiny person hat and had reconciled myself to the fact that I was going to make a second hat to fit me, utilizing all my knitterly tools, like gauge and different needle sizes.  But alas, my other knitterly tool, BLOCKING, came through for me.  Actually without too much fuss either.  The yarn blocked out nicely after a soak with only minor shaping and certainly no tugging, pulling or pinning.  I enjoyed this Green Mountain Spinnery Simply Fine and would certainly use it again.  The mohair/merino blend is soft and sturdy and the low-twist 2-ply was a pleasure to knit.

Taking a self portrait of the top of one’s head is harder than it looks.

I used a size 2.25 mm needle for the hat (and 2.0 mm for the liner) and initially got gauge, or so I thought.  No worries any more though.  I am actually considering another Lotus Blossom using a different contrast color.  I anticipate a struggle for the possession of the hat since my girls thought this hat was heading their way.

And in case you were wondering, super-snack-Monday is brought to you by the food group Junk.  The kids will have enough homemade treats this week so I don’t even feel guilty!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

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