Progress and Indecision

I made a deal with myself.

I will work on my plain mawata mittens (BMFA I Mad Heart Ewe)

and then, I will begin my next color work (and first Christmas present) project when they are finished.

Of course there are other must completes on the needles so I have time but need your help.  The pattern is the Polar Chullo hat from the Twist Collective

Photo by Caro Benna Sheridan  from the Twist Collective

 and here is the yarn:

The question is which blue to choose.  I am substituting one of these three blues for the dark grey on top.

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Progress and Indecision

  1. I think the one in the middle is to bright. I’d probably go with the one on the left. I like the one one the right best but wonder if there is not enough contrast between the brown and the darkest blue. Try grey-scaling the picture and see how the contrast is. Maybe that will help you decide?

  2. i like the blue on the left, not really sure why, but it seems to match the brown really nicely. beautiful hat! that colorwork is way beyond my skill level at this point, but i can sure admire it.

  3. Oh dear . . . . I am not a fan of the blue on the left because it feels like all of the colors are then more muted. I think the blue in the middle makes it “pop” and I think the blue on the right makes it really rich! That sure is a beautiful hat . . . . love the bears!!!

  4. Ack! I messed up my response! I think the lighter blue in the cdnter. Second choice would be the one to the left. I think they offer greater contrast while still coordinating well. Then again…what do I know about colorwork?!

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