Random Thoughts

1. It is nearly December and I ran in shorts today.  It is 61 degrees F where I am.  I am amazed at this spring-like weather and consider every day that is like this means one less day of winter.

2.  I rationalize that I will eventually trick myself into being happy about the cold weather because I will be able to wear my wool knits.

3.  My favorite new iPhone app is Shazam.  No more “what song is that” or paying attention to a song or band only to forget it anyways. My app tells me and then records it so I can go back to it later and buy the song if I want.  Try it…it is so cool, especially if you are amused by small things.

4. Half of my songs on my running playlist are by Lady Gaga.  I wonder what this says about me.

5.  All of my songs on my running playlist are ones my kids love or ones that they have introduced me to.  I don’t remember my mom liking my music? huh?

6.  I wonder if my kids think I am a cool mom or if I am just pretending?

7.  Time to stop thinking and go to bed.

What’s on your mind?

I Forgot…

…Ooops.  I have been so good posting every day and I just plain old forgot.  So here is the make-up post.

And this is what I would have showed you:

my mawata silk mittens in just sort of a generic pattern.  Done.

I did these with Pat as a KAL and we both had fun doing them.

I loved these matawas from Blue Moon FIber Arts that I got at  sock camp this year.  The color is I Mad Heart Ewe, cute, huh?  I used 38 of 40 grams and a size 5 needle (magic loop).

They are 7 inches around the palm and 9 inches tip to cuff (not counting the 2 inch junk I knit before I figured out what I was doing cuff liner.  They are perfect for throwing on with my brown coat for my driving duties.

Once I got used to prepping the hankies, my mittens got better and I got the hang of knitting from the fiber in the raw.

I wasn’t sure but I do in fact like them and may even do it again!