Just Wondering

Do you usually notice a person’s new haircut?  I live with 5 other people and none noticed my new do.  It is similar but shorter and the former grey streak in the center may be gone.

What is the normal delay time in your house?  I think I will count the days just for giggles.

Oh, and I started my Polar Chullo and finished my latest Patricia in Flicker.  Pictures tomorrow…


5 thoughts on “Just Wondering

  1. Same here….my last haircut and color was pretty different so THEY did notice….I can’t wait to see you Chullo….I want to make one someday, but not during the Christmas rush…

  2. I think the average here is 3 days. In the past I’ve just chaulked it up to living with 4 males, most of which are happy if I’ll just get the clippers out to “cut” their hair 🙂

    So…… I’m dyeing to know…… which blue did you choose?

  3. I usually just ask what they think. Who needs the rejection of them not noticing? :0(
    And as it’s now December, I can start using the deer antlers on my smily }:0)

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