Denial No More

It was 60 degrees again yesterday.  I love it but it is hard to think Christmas when I am running in shorts still.  Try as I may to deny that Christmas is coming, that attitude is only going to land me in one heap of a pickle.  So, last night I hardened my resolve to begin to celebrate and plan and shop and decorate for Christmas.

What does that mean?  First and foremost, holiday music!  My car radio is glued to the all Christmas music station now and I have a few new albums (just like Debbi) to add to my playlist.

A little Michael Buble

and Orla Fallon

and some Trans-siberian Orchestra

and something for the kids, Taylor Swift.

I will take the mild temperatures and rely on the mood enhancing music to bring me the Christmas Spirit.

Off to tackle the major to-do list…

and as a reward, I get to work on my Polar Chullo Hat which is coming along nicely (2 earflaps done and a liner so far.) I chose the Midnight Blue as you can see.

What are you up to?