A Peaceful Weekend

This has been a rare game-less weekend for our family!  And I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

There was much progress on the baby girl tunic…

Girl Twin Tunic

The fish got clean bowls…

Hi fishies!

“Fish are people too.”  “Fish are friends not food.” Name that movie…


Stormy Autumn

And I watched  a nice movie, “Like Crazy”.

Have you seen it?


2 thoughts on “A Peaceful Weekend

  1. Sounds like a nice weekend! It’s nice to catch up on those little tasks. I’m guessing your movie quote is from Finding Nemo. (Would you believe I’ve never seen that movie?)

  2. Defo Finding Nemo :0) Love your fishies. We have a tank with an ever decreasing population :0(
    Haven’t seen Like Crazy, but did watch a little movie this weekend, my first solo. Have you heard of the Hunger Games ;0p It was ok, the book was better.
    Making awesome progress on the hat. Will try to publish pics this week :0)

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