A Slight Distraction

After wavering and waffling about it for what seems like forever, I am proud to announce that I am a weaver.  Yup, got myself a loom last week during a visit to Webs.  The Schacht Flip 20″ with 3 dents, just to cover all the bases.

It sat in the box all weekend since I was a sporty mom down at the Cape but Monday morning, the fun began.  Assembly was simple and my consultants Debbi and Pat were helping me dive right in.  I took some yarn that Carrie had given me, no time for picture taking of the skein, and set out to make a scarf.

I have to say, within a relatively quick time, I was weaving.

Weave on

Finished last night,

hemstitched this morning and blocked and fringed this afternoon.

All that remains

Just like that…a scarf…voila!

With a Fringe on Top

It’s a Scarf

I am diving into the stash for the next one!

The particulars can be found here.

Now for shameless puppy promotion:  I couldn’t resist sharing this cute picture.  Although Dixie is a great walker for a puppy, the heat does get to her.  This morning, she cried “Uncle!

Looking forward to a three day weekend! Hope you enjoy yours!

I may weave.  Do you have any plans?


3 thoughts on “A Slight Distraction

  1. Marcy Marcy! You are AMAZING!!!!! I know it is coming . . . . . I need to weave! Your first scarf is a beauty!!!!! Too much talent in one body!!!! Plus, you are Dixie’s mom! 🙂

  2. Just gorgeous…every time I see one of these I want to weave…especially dishtowels….one of these fine days….

  3. Nicely done! I think you picked the perfect yarn for your first project. Beautiful blending of the colors and it looks like it has a gorgeous drape to it too!

    As for my weekend….. Mom is still in the hospital 😦 We’re hoping she can move to a rehab facility soon and hopefully one that’s closer to home. So a couple trips to the hospital for me. Also hoping to join in a couple neighborhood parties. There’s a graduation and a big 50th birthday to celebrate 🙂

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