Too Good Not To Share

So while time has been flying by since I last posted nearly a year ago (yikes!) I have been busy.  Between the kids activities ramping up and consequently, increased demand for my taxi skills and my husband’s new job that includes a lot of travel, the blog has fallen off the face of the earth.  The upside is however that the knitting has not! 

Today I am brought back to the blog to share some great news! While there has been knitting over the past year, there has also been some designing.  There was the Hudson Cowl back in the winter


and now the Intemporelle Pullover published by WEBS today! See all the sweater details here.



I am so honored to be part of the WEBS 40th Anniversary Celebration and more importantly to call Kathy and Steve my friends.  

Hop on over to WEBS to purchase Intemporelle along with the yarn (only 1 or 2 cones of 2/14 Alpaca/Silk) and you can have a cute new pullover for this wacky spring weather!

I’m off to enjoy the weather and knit a few rows on my very own Intemporelle! 

Thanks for checking in! I promise to update on more of the past year as well! (Especially since the blog software has improved the ease of posting in my absence!)


4 thoughts on “Too Good Not To Share

  1. Lovely! I am going to try to stop in at Webs for the tent sale next Sunday. (I am vending at Knitting Lab and stopping in Northampton to visit friends on the way back.)

  2. This is lovely Marcy! I know you have been MORE than busy with life . . . yikes . . . 4 busy children and a husband, MIA! You are superwoman!!!! Hugs to you! Susan

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