It seems to be a frequent theme these days (years) that time is flying. I remember the first few years of my kids’ lives I marveled at how they were now the markers of time for me. The photos of holidays and family gatherings or just everyday fun remind me of each phase of growing up (and that my long term memory is still firing on all cylinders). I have really enjoyed the recent homework assignments requiring baby/toddler photos that allow us all to have trips down memory lane to quieter times and simple pleasures (like fishing on a dock when you are 3).

Since my last update, there was summer and vacation in Washington, DC and Cape Cod.

There was another knitting design (Strié Pullover) for WEBS and a new logo for my design business. September brought 3 schools and an introduction to high school. The rolling sports seasons are constant but for their ever changing schedules, just when I master a practice schedule routine and carpool, it’s on to the next sport! My annual “stay-cation” with Debbi actually brought 2 weekends away and well needed me-time!

It’s November now and I am planning to be organized for the holidays this year. I was reflecting this week on how important the first holiday of the month is and without it, the following two holidays would be so different. Veteran’s Day. My dad (Left, Navy) had lunch with 2 cousins who served in the Army (center) and Air Force (Right, retired Major General…cool, huh!?). Listening to them talk about their childhoods, college years and service to country I was just amazed. I didn’t know half of what and who they spoke about but knew enough to know I was in the company of special family members who had traveled parallel paths to ensure our country’s freedom.

Happy Veteran’s Day! I hope you have the chance to reflect on the day and what it means to you.

Lastly, inspired by Raveler sfgwife, whose son is serving in the military, I offer everyone  15% off all patterns in my Ravelry store through Veteran’s Day.

I hope that helps in your holiday preparations and wish you the best during this month of Thanksgiving.

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