Adventure Du Jour Designs

ADJD Logo smallIt’s been in the works for some time now but yesterday Debbi and I finally pressed the send button.  With that, Adventure Du Jour Designs came to life. BFFs in NYC It’s no secret Debbi and I have been friends for years now and despite the fact the we live on opposite coasts 2,509 miles from kitchen to kitchen, we are in each other’s life daily.  Knitting introduced us and brought us together but we have managed to nurture this friendship to the point where our families “know” each other and we “adventure” together as often as possible.  (Check our social media sites for evidence.) IMG_6967 IMG_6969IMG_6987 We have both been designing for years (frequently as our family schedules allow!) and always bounce design ideas off each other.  Designing can be hard but it’s easier when you’ve got someone else to consult about all elements of the design process, ie. color, shape, techniques, pattern writing and the list goes on.  We began talking about designing in a collaborative manner about 3 years ago and although we each have individual design businesses, partnership seemed like a natural progression.

Between Friends

Between Friends-Rhinebeck and NYC 2014

Taking off on the theme of friendship and vacations, Adventure Du Jour Designs was born.  Knitting can be a very social sport and one best served up with a friend.  After our recent adventure to Santa Clara working for WEBS at Stitches West, we were more convinced than ever.  Pairs and groups of friends wandered through the booth and left with projects to knit together. We are pleased to offer Between Friends as our first joint pattern and can’t wait to share with you the things to come!!

Between Friends page 1

Between Friends pattern page

Kaweah Bewteen Friends

Miss Babs Kaweah            Between Friends

Woolfolk Får Between Friends

Woolfolk Får   Between Friends

Are you ready to start your adventures? Where will they take you today?

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