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From Sea to Shining Sea

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Here they are!  The Rhinebeck BFF hats.  Similar yarns, one pattern (almost) and two fraternal hats make for 2 very warm heads! From the west and from the east Perfect to remind me of my bff across the county, warm … Continue reading


Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I am most thankful today for my family, friends and health of all.

Not far behind those, I am thankful for my yarn and knitting that get me through the days.  Also thankful for this healthy lifestyle I have been living, though tonight my early Turkey Trot is catching up with me.

We are enjoying the rest of the evening with this crew.

Enjoy! Be a pilgrim.

Let the holidays begin!

PS. Happy Birthday to Erin, not mine but hers!

Calling It…


Until tomorrow!  When it will be un-done. hehe.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families and loved ones!




Lopi Week

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I now declare the rest of the week Lopi Week.  I will wear my new Lopi sweater and maybe my old Lopi sweater all week.  Girl crush on Lopi.               It all started in … Continue reading


The Proof is in the Pudding

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…or on the head…so here it is, my Lotus Blossom Hat.  Look Ma, no hands!  It fits!!! I had a severe panic attack that I was making a tiny person hat and had reconciled myself to the fact that I … Continue reading


Almost Wish I Were There

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My boys, big and little, went camping in Vermont with the Boy Scouts this weekend.  This is my boy using his compass in a game they were playing.  Doesn’t look like he could get too lost from there but it … Continue reading

Alma Mater

I love my college and I have for as long as I can remember.  The College of the Holy Cross is just a beautiful place to visit too!

As an active alum, I had the pleasure of spending the morning at the college on the hill and wanted to share a few of the beautiful sites with you.

Hope some of you are out celebrating your alma maters today too!



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Thought I’d give a quick update. The hat that is supposed to be done today with Debbbi and our West/East KAL is almost done.  There is a story though… And the mawata mittens, in addition to having a story, are … Continue reading

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

2011  Champion


1. I am fighting the urge to wish for cold weather so that I can wear my new Lopi sweater.  Needless to say, I really love it. (pictures soon.)

2. A corollary to my earlier post: Friends don’t let friends knit black BOUCLE! Should be a no-brainer.

3.  I am adding a pear to my apple pie this year because my friend does it and the idea intrigues me.

4. And chocolate chips to the bottom of my pecan pie. See #3.

5. I have grand ideas to order a bunch of Christmas presents this week and it’s only Wednesday.

6. I really like basketball season.  Love watching the kids’ games and think it is my favorite sport of theirs.

7.  I am taking huge shortcuts on tonight’s dinner and yet it will still have that homemade feel to it.  And I feel clever cheating.

8. Laundry doesn’t fold itself.

9.  I have solved one of my problems posed by yesterday’s gauge/needle issue.  Feeling clever about that also.

10. Glee. (Right Stephen?)

Anything you care to add????